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Gunpowder burns to carry bad things away with smoke.
Santa Maria, Itapicuru.

Entering Mangueiras bearing gifts from town. Marajo.

Pancada Falls on the Erepecuru, an Amazon tributary. Pancada, Trombetas.

Macumba dancers spin. Santa Maria, Itapicuru.

Manioc donuts for breakfast. Jauari, Trombetas.

Singing repentes, a form of rhyming duel. Santa Maria, Itapicuru.

Youngsters mend fishing nets. Mangueiras, Marajo.

Procession honoring Santa Filomena. Santa Maria, Itapicuru.

Children on way to school. Varre Vento, Trombetas.

Mina dancer greets dawn, Itapicuru.

Fancy boi dances. Santa Rosa, Itapicuru.

Campaigning car/taxi fords stream on way to Magueiras, Marajo.